Week 3 – POT – link to My online course ‘start here’


To rebuild my newly converted online course to be student centered and increase learner engagement


1. Use the pedagogical design template offered in POT to begin the rebuild of my online course.

2. Use the Design Elements template offered in POT to rebuild each weekly module.

3. Creating Forum Discussions for this course that will encourage the students to access the web for professional nursing literature to support their response and engage them in evidence based nursing practice content.

4. Create an online team / collaborative assignment that will also engage the student in the web and the process of working in a team.

5. Create a combination of lecture and student centered learning activities.

Live Link    S481 Welcome Message

4 thoughts on “Week 3 – POT – link to My online course ‘start here’

  1. Tried the link and got a log-in window and a warning to close my browser after viewing content, “for security reasons.” Not welcoming but then maybe nursing in the US is run by a secret society?

  2. Tried again and managed to almost get a guest log-in set up but did something wrong with the passphrase and confirmation code and got the too-many-tries lock out. Same thing happens at our college. I can get in because I have admin permissions and guests don’t.

    Is there some way for you to get the course out from behind the permission barrier set up by the University? Eventually I will be able to get in though having to submit my email, name and go through a detailed guest account procedure means I’ll have to try again later. I do a lot of research online so am used to barriers and guest sign-ups that others might be put off by.

    Maybe you could try telling the administrators to allow access to “reviewers” for their comments? Shame if we couldn’t get in to see the course.

    I Will keep trying and thanks!


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