Week 2 – POT

1. The Questionnaire – I scored a 16 which indicates I prefer presentation. I am not sure that I really prefer presentation in pedagogy – I entered the environment and this is what everyone else was doing. I also feel this is sort of what was expected of me as a new Lecturer. Finally this is what the students were familiar with. Sit in class and I Lecture and they listen and surf facebook – until I ask a question – to get the usual response – blank stares.

I was awarded a small grant to redesign my Nursing Management and Leadership course for Online Delivery. I have done that using the Sakai Oncourse LMS. I want to move towards a combination of Lecture / Discussion workgroup for this online course. I have slowly redesigned my course from a full powerpoint lecture, quiz exam presentation in 2007. In 2008 I began to use the Oncourse learning modules – at that time I did not know how to do anything but post a lot of verbiage. Today I have created some screencast lectures, incorporated lectures materials from other faculty and universities, and educational videos from the web. Currently (my class is now live) I am using softchalk to create several tutorial quiz.

2. Getting started: I took an online Moodle Course which helped me to determine some things I would like to do in my onlline course. But at the time I did not know how to connect these things to Sakai / Oncourse. But now I know I really prefer a combination of lecture and discussion group work for my course. Oncourse has modules and I am learning how to construct a module using various web 2.0 tools such as screencast, and jing.

3. Pedagogical Design – I just learned a tremendous amount about how to construct the module based on the course objectives which are listed on my syllabus.  The modules I have currently are based on 16 concepts in Nursing Management and Leadership.

POT is awesome already

Thanks so much

2 thoughts on “Week 2 – POT

  1. Thank you Evalyn for sharing your experience of developing your online course. It certainly resonates that the lecture is the ‘expected’ format for teaching. It is after all a long standing cultural norm. I wonder when it will really begin to change.

    In relation to the LMS Sakai, is it cloud based or self hosted?

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