Week 3 – POT – link to My online course ‘start here’


To rebuild my newly converted online course to be student centered and increase learner engagement


1. Use the pedagogical design template offered in POT to begin the rebuild of my online course.

2. Use the Design Elements template offered in POT to rebuild each weekly module.

3. Creating Forum Discussions for this course that will encourage the students to access the web for professional nursing literature to support their response and engage them in evidence based nursing practice content.

4. Create an online team / collaborative assignment that will also engage the student in the web and the process of working in a team.

5. Create a combination of lecture and student centered learning activities.

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Week 2 – POT

1. The Questionnaire – I scored a 16 which indicates I prefer presentation. I am not sure that I really prefer presentation in pedagogy – I entered the environment and this is what everyone else was doing. I also feel this is sort of what was expected of me as a new Lecturer. Finally this is what the students were familiar with. Sit in class and I Lecture and they listen and surf facebook – until I ask a question – to get the usual response – blank stares.

I was awarded a small grant to redesign my Nursing Management and Leadership course for Online Delivery. I have done that using the Sakai Oncourse LMS. I want to move towards a combination of Lecture / Discussion workgroup for this online course. I have slowly redesigned my course from a full powerpoint lecture, quiz exam presentation in 2007. In 2008 I began to use the Oncourse learning modules – at that time I did not know how to do anything but post a lot of verbiage. Today I have created some screencast lectures, incorporated lectures materials from other faculty and universities, and educational videos from the web. Currently (my class is now live) I am using softchalk to create several tutorial quiz.

2. Getting started: I took an online Moodle Course which helped me to determine some things I would like to do in my onlline course. But at the time I did not know how to connect these things to Sakai / Oncourse. But now I know I really prefer a combination of lecture and discussion group work for my course. Oncourse has modules and I am learning how to construct a module using various web 2.0 tools such as screencast, and jing.

3. Pedagogical Design – I just learned a tremendous amount about how to construct the module based on the course objectives which are listed on my syllabus.  The modules I have currently are based on 16 concepts in Nursing Management and Leadership.

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Week 1 – POT

Hello Everyone

My name is Evalyn Gossett, I teach Nursing at Indiana University Northwest. I am interested in instructional design and online teaching. The course I teach – Nursing Management and Leadership went live online for the first time this semester. I was awarded a small grant to redesign the course in our LMS – Oncourse. I am learning so much about how to do things in that respect. I look forward to this course. If I  can get this blog correct. I do not like the blog system in our LMS but WordPress seems to utilize skills I already have developed.

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Hi Evalyn,

I recently stumbled across your blog. My name is Etana, and I work for SR Education Group, with a focus on healthcare education. It looks like you have a really good blog that will serve the students you teach well.

I am currently looking for nursing professors who would be willing to help me with an article I am writing. I am working on an article about the value of nursing education at a time when nurses are in demand, as well as about the quality of nursing education students are currently receiving. I would love to chat with you about your experience as a professor. If you are able to help me out, I would be able to provide links to your blog and social media accounts within the article.

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