Techy Nurse Professor

After reading in Ko – that online teaching is not about the technology as much as it is about the teaching. I must clarify why my blog is called “Techy Nurse Professor”. Healthcare is becoming increasing dependent on technology. I like to support the nursing students who are looking at the technology for medication, disease management and patient education information. There are apps for the smartphone technology, from the CDC, FDA, AHRQ, DHHS, pharamecutical companies – this information is updated regularly and in many cases more current than all the clunky nursing manuals from my early years as a nurse. It was so common for nurses, interns and doctors to have lab coat pockets loaded with expensive manuals and disease management guides. We spent a lot of money on those guides, waited patiently for the mailed updates. Today this information is updated with a touch of the screen on my iPhone.  In addition, we are looking to begin monitoring our patients with this same technology, telehealth, telemedicine and telnursing is looming over our heads to reach the underserved populations – and this technology is part of that initiative. We must encourage the young nurses to embrace this technology and more. Telemetry, and other monitoring apps are available. Not fully but coming to you as well.